Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued horse, pony or donkey from the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.
We are committed to finding the best forever homes for our rehabilitated equines.

Please take a few minutes to complete our application form, answering all questions as accurately as possible (in English only). This will help us find an animal that matches your expectations and lifestyle. Note that submitting an application does not commit you to the adoption process, nor guarantee that you will be successful.

We will contact you after reviewing your answers.
What's your first name? *

Thanks for that, {{answer_41644457}}. What's your last name? *

Have you read our adoption information page online? *

If not, please pause here and take a read first to make sure you fully understand what our equine adoption program entails.

Head to:
If you plan to keep your adopted equine in Spain, you do you have a REGA number? *

A REGA (Registro General de Explotaciones Ganadera) number is now a legal requirement for the ownership of equines on Spanish property and small holdings. All equines moving from one property to another in Spain must now have an official passport and identification chip. Adopted equines will need to have their passport assigned to their new owner's REGA number.

Without a REGA number, you will be unable to legally adopt a horse, pony or donkey in Spain.

For more on REGA number requirements and how to apply, visit (in Spanish):

What's your date of birth? *

Please note all applicants must be aged over 18.
What's your gender? *

What's your nationality? *

Which country do you live in? *

What's your home address? *

Please include your street name and number, city, country and postcode.
Which languages do you speak? *

At least some basic English is necessary to communicate with the Easy Horse Care co-founders during and after the adoption process.

What's your best phone number? *

Please include your country code (+34 for Spain, +44 for UK, etc).
Why would you like to adopt a rescued equine? *

Which type of equine are you interested in adopting? *

Are you interested in a particular horse, pony or donkey that is currently available for adoption?

If so, please write the animal's name here and any details about why you feel you could be a good fit to become its new owner.
What equine gender (if any) would you prefer?

Please note all equines rescued as stallions are castrated before being put up for adoption. Breeding from adopted mares is strictly forbidden.

What equine age range (if any) would you prefer?

What equine height range (if any) would you prefer?

How do you intend to use your adopted equine? *

Most of our horses and ponies are suitable only for light pleasure riding by experienced riders. Some may never be completely sound due to age, injury or other conditions, and are therefore adopted as companion animals only.

How many years of horse experience do you have? *

Have you owned or cared for horses before? *

Please describe the horses you have previously owned or cared for and give details on how and why they left your care.
How many horses do you currently own or lease? *

As part of our adoption agreement, you must promise to provide your adopted equine with a companion at all times (remembering that equines are herd animals).

Please give details of all equines you are currently responsible for, including their age, height and breed.
How many years have you been riding? *

How would you describe your riding ability? *

Please be completely honest about your ability. Note that beginners who apply for horses listed as "not for beginners" will not be considered.

Is this equine intended for someone other than yourself?

If so, please provide full details of their experience, riding history and anything else that is relevant. For example, "for my children as a pet", "for my husband to ride on trails", etc.
What is the address of the property where the equine will be kept? *

Please include the street name and number, city, country and postcode.
Do you own the property where the horse will be kept? *

Please note that, in most cases, we will not approve adoptions to people who plan to board their equine in a livery yard. We have found that too often horses at livery yards are stabled for long hours, used for riding lessons and/or suffer when such yards are sold to new owners. We also do not adopt horses to riding schools.

What is the size of the property where the adopted equine will live? *

What type of fencing does the property have? *

What type of shelter is available on the property? *

Is there pasture and/or feed on the property? *

Do you understand that equines cannot be left in a paddock to just eat grass and that they need to be fed hay or hard feed, depending on the type of horse? (This includes paddock companions that are not being ridden). *

What arrangements are you prepared to make to provide supplementary feed for your adopted equine? *

What's your current work status? *

What is your household's weekly income range? *

Equines require ongoing care that can be expensive. We need to ensure you have the means to give your adopted animal the care it needs.

Do you have your own car and horse float? *

You must have access to equipment that will allow you to safely and legally transport your adopted animal from Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre to your property (at your cost).
Do you have a full valid Spanish, United Kingdom or European Union driving licence? *

Do you understand that many rescued equines are special needs animals and can require more care than a well-loved horse? *

Do you understand that aged horses need extra care and love due to their old age and may need a special diet plus supplements for their joints? *

Do you understand that you will never be able to sell or give away your adopted equine, or breed from or with this animal? *

All of our equines are adopted subject to an Adoption Contract. This means that if, for any reason, the new owner cannot care for their equine, it must be returned to Easy Horse Care.

Note that dumping the horse on us if it falls ill is not an acceptable excuse and you will still be liable for vet costs if the animal is sick or injured upon being returned.
Do you understand that equines need constant care, including their feet done every 6 to 8 weeks, worming every 6 to 8 weeks, their teeth done every 6 to 12 months and vaccinations yearly? *

You must be willing to cover the costs of feeding and care, including any emergency medical treatment or hospitalisation the equine may require. We recommend taking out equine insurance to ensure you are fully covered for any unexpected major costs.
Please give us contact details for two referees who can confirm your experience and ability. *

Include first and last names plus a contact phone number and email address for each person.
Have you ever been found guilty of any animal welfare or care-related offence? *

(If yes, please provide us details by sending an email to with "Confidential" in the subject line.)
Do you agree to our adoption terms and conditions? *

The following terms must be clearly understood and accepted. Clicking "I accept" below indicates your full agreement to abide by these rules and regulations throughout your ownership of an adopted equine. 

You agree to:

1. Always have the equine's best interest at heart and provide adequate feed, water, fencing and shelter.

2. Provide love and attention to encourage a bond between yourself and the equine.

3. Provide hoof care every 6 to 8 weeks, worming every 6 to 8 weeks, dental care every 6 to 12 months and vaccinations every 12 months.

4. Provide medical treatment immediately should the equine injure itself or fall ill. We recommend taking out equine insurance to ensure you can cover any unexpected major costs.

5. Provide the equine with a companion (remembering they are a herd animal).

6. Never use the equine for breeding.

7. Never ride an equine adopted as a companion only.

8. Return the equine to Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (at your cost) if you can no longer keep it for some reason. Note that dumping the horse on us if it falls ill is not an acceptable excuse and you will still be liable for vet costs if the animal is sick or injured upon being returned.

9. Cover all costs of proper body removal (as legally mandated in your country) should your equine pass away. You will also immediately provide us with a cause of death report written by a qualified veterinarian.

10. Provide Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre with all veterinary, farrier and dental reports, plus updated photos of the horse, at any time upon request.

Failure to agree to these terms will result in the immediate rejection of your adoption application.
Is there anything else you'd like to say to support your application?

Thanks so very much for your interest in adopting a rescued equine and for taking the time to fill out our application form.

We will now review your answers and, if you are deemed a suitable candidate, we will arrange an in-person interview, during which you can meet the equine you are interested in.

We do contact everyone who submits an application form but please be patient – we will contact you as soon as we can.

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