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* Please note that, upon acceptance, you will be required to make a non-refundable €100 deposit to secure your stay. Any remaining program payments must then be paid upfront in full upon your arrival at the rescue centre.
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Speaking Spanish is not essential, as the main language spoken between our management team is English. We accept interns and volunteers from all nationalities, providing you can speak an adequate level of English to ensure safety and basic communication.

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We want to ensure you get the most out of your working holiday. Letting us know your strengths or interests will help us find the best role for you.
What previous experience, if any, do you have working with horses or large animals? *

We'll do our best to place you in a role suited to your level of experience.
How many days or weeks would you like to stay with us? *

Please remember the minimum stay is one week and the maximum stay is two months.
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What's the date of your last tetanus vaccination? *

A current tetanus vaccination is a requirement for working with animals. If your shot is out of date, you will need to arrange a booster before arriving.
Do you have your own car or transport? *

Our rescue centre is not accessible by public transport so you'll need to have your own way of getting here. (You can take a taxi from Alicante airport to our centre for around €55 – you will need to cover this cost.)
Do you have a full valid Spanish or European Union driving licence? *

Have you been convicted of any criminal offences? *

(If yes, please provide us details by sending an email to with "Confidential" in the subject line. A criminal record is not necessarily a barrier to voluntary work with our rescue centre.)
Do you agree to our terms and conditions? *

The following terms must be clearly understood and accepted. Clicking "I accept" below indicates your full agreement to abide by these rules and regulations throughout your stay.

1. No violent act must ever be committed against an Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre animal or human resident.

2. Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times when working and/or while around the animals.

3. Alcohol must never be consumed during working hours and you must never approach any equine while under the influence of alcohol.

4. No equine is to be ridden or sat on without prior written permission from your supervisor.

5. Your supervisor's word is final. Egos stay at the door. We are a welcoming and friendly facility.

6. If you break something or make a mistake, you must own up to it immediately so it can be resolved. In cases of major preventable problems, you may be asked to help cover repair costs.

7. You agree to take your allocated two days off per week on a flexible basis according to the rescue centre's working roster.

8. You understand that you are staying in modest accommodation and may be required to share a dormitory. You agree to cover your own travel and food costs.

9. A €100 deposit is required to secure your stay. This is non-refundable and must be paid in full before your arrival. You will be asked to pay this deposit once your application has been approved.

10. Any remaining program payments must then be paid upfront in full upon your arrival at the rescue centre. Failure to pay will result in the immediate cancellation of your working holiday. Due to limited places in our program, this payment is non-refundable should you decide to leave early.

11. You are responsible for your own health and safety at all times. Health insurance must cover the entire duration of your stay and include coverage for working around large animals. Your tetanus vaccination must be up to date before arrival. In the unlikely event of accident or injury, you expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre and its staff and volunteers against all suits, actions, claims, demands or damages.

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in immediate and non-negotiable termination from the program.
Thanks so very much for taking the time to fill out our working holiday application form. Without the generous support of kind-hearted people like you, none of this would be possible.

We will be in touch soon to let you know if your application has been successful.

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