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You only need to fill out this section if you live outside of Spain and come here part-time or are visiting for a short period.
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What previous experience, if any, do you have in volunteering?

Please give as much detail as possible about your previous duties so we can place you in a role best suited to your experience.
Do you have any particular skills, talents or experience you feel may be useful to us?

We want to ensure you get the most out of volunteering with us. Letting us know your strengths or interests will help us find the best role for you.
What previous experience, if any, do you have working with horses or large animals?

Please fill in this section if you'd like to work with the horses at our rescue centre, so we can place you in a role best suited to your level of experience.
If volunteering to work with our animals, what's the date of your last tetanus vaccination?

Do you have a full valid Spanish or European Union driving licence? *

Do you have your own car or transport? *

Our rescue centre is not accessible by public transport so, if volunteering to work with our horses, you'll need to have your own way of getting here.
Have you been convicted of any criminal offences? *

(If yes, please provide us details by sending an email to with "Confidential" in the subject line. A criminal record is not necessarily a barrier to voluntary work with our rescue centre.)
Do you accept our rules and regulations for volunteers?

Our volunteer manual provides you with guidelines for volunteering at the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. Please ensure you have read it carefully.

(You can find the manual online here:

Clicking "I accept" below indicates that you have read our volunteer manual and fully agree to abide by these rules and regulations at all times while volunteering.

Failure to comply with any of these rules and regulations may result in immediate and non-negotiable termination from our volunteering program.
Thanks so very much for taking the time to fill out our volunteer application form. Without the generous support of kind-hearted people like you, none of this would be possible.

We will be in touch soon with details of possible volunteering opportunities for you.

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